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So good.


Amazing one shot, with great production value. Probably the best Troika! 2-pager I've seen so far. Cool and evocative locations, and I like the Happenings system used here. It was easy to tie in hooks from the starter adventure in the core book, which is a great feature.

My one issue was that the tables called for d20s and d10s, and since I'm traveling, I only had d6s. Obviously, you can just hop online, but it would have been nice if the random tables worked on d6s. Anyways, one small quibble about what is otherwise an amazing module. 

My run's climax came with the summoning of a Lemon Titan. Very nearly lost some players on that one, but they triumphed and an excellent time was had by all. Some Wafer and Marshmellow Droplins were exterminated, and the Sugar Queen was well pleased. 10/10 would read two pages again.


I needed a quick, fun, low prep Troika one shot for my  group so I downloaded this on a whim the other night, literally because I liked the colors and thought an all candy theme was funny.


This was one of the tightest, well put together, easiest to run adventures I have ever run! there were SO MANY hooks and things for my players to explore! so many things to do and weird people to meet! 

the Format was extremely easy to use and perfectly intuitive, I was amazed at how much information was packed into so little room (and OMG that map was gorgeous, thank you so much for publishing the PDF in layers so I could copy just the map to show my players without any of the info). I especially loved all the little happenings tables. The candy creature generation charts were off the hook and so easy to use I was literally creating creatures at the table and that was virtually no time loss  and no awkward pauses.

My players had a BLAST and barely even scratched the surface of Candy Mountain.  What was supposed to be a simple one shot has somehow become a campaign, but I'm not worried, because I think it's seriously going to be one of the easiest campaign I have ever run.

Thank You so much for creating this!